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We all have at least one plain white tee that we love wearing. My favorite kind of fashion make-over is to take an item that I already have and make it seem new. Use these styles tips to give it a totally fresh look that will make it seem like you just splurged on new clothes, even if it's just the same thing you've been wearing for ages.

Tie or Tuck It!

1) Tucking your tee into a pencil skirt will give the shirt some shape while softening the silhouette of the skirt! BONUS: Use white to make sparkles totally wearable!
2) Tie the end of your white tee into a knot to give your wait definition while still keeping the casual look of a white tee.
3) Tuck a loose fitting white tee into a maxi shirt for an all-around breezy look.

Layer It!

1) Layer under a fitted blazer for casual-yet-classy look you'll love.
2) Try not one, but two lightweight jackets (or a cardigan and a jacket) over your white tee for a fun textural play.

Pin It!

Add some pins or brooches for a totally fresh looking tee that feels new.

Add Denim!

1) Pair your white tee with a denim vest for a cool, updated 90s look.
2) Are you into overalls? Your white tee will pair perfectly with this look for something cute and casual.
3) Tie a denim shirt around your waist to define it when wearing a looser white tee.

How do you like to style your white tees? Let me know :)

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A quality white tee is definitely worth the investment. It goes well with just about anything, so don't skimp on buying a cheap top that'll last a couple months. Think beyond that!