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I ran across a post online that was made about 6 years ago, asking women what they're biggest insecurities were about their bodies. I was expecting the typical "I hate my thighs" or "my upper arms are flabby" comments, but some of these were really surprising. I wanted to share the more unique ones here to see if anyone on Vingle has the same concerns, and for them to know that they aren't alone!

So what are your biggest insecurities?

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- Believe it or not, my hands.... I have small hands and short fingers :( I absolutely hate them. I obsess over other people's hands and wish mine were as long as most girls'..... :(
- I was always told that hands were what gives away a woman's age. I'm young but my hands already look wrinkly! Yuck!


- ugh, hands down-- my STOMACH. its nasty. and I have these nasty chunks of fat/cellulite on the outsides (and insides, but less so) of my thighs. I need to lose at least 10 lbs. ugh.
- My tummy and love handles have to be the worst, they seem to blob out not matter what I do.

Skin and Birthmarks

- Two things: my legs and my skin. Both have bothered me since middle school and no matter what I do I don't like either one. I don't have acne at all, I actually have really dry skin, eczema and under eye circles.
- The birthmark on my forearm
- I hate the fact that I get adult acne. Luckily it's not that bad...I can go for months without it, but then it will stick around for months. It's usually just a few, but it's like those huge things that start out as uncomfortable lumps and turn into spewing volcanoes. I also have tons of scars all over my body from when I had chicken pox when I was 14. I especially hate the ones on my bottom lip. Oh, and my undereye circles. So basically my problems are with my skin. Which is funny, because some people have told me I have great skin and I laugh. I guess it's just because I'm two inches from the mirror when I'm looking at myself and they're not that close. I'm surprised no one else has mentioned skin.
my hands I don't like to look at then and I also try and keep then out of the sun
This makes me think about how silly my insecurities are - and I love the other links too!
I'm with @kristenadams! I can't remember the last time I looked at another person's hands, feet, or knees and thought 'omg hideous' hahahah
As far as "things that can't be changed" i really hate my knees!!! THey aren't defined at all, no matter what weight I'm at, so they just look saggy and weird :(
My FEET! I have the ugliest little toes >:(
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