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Seoul is one of my favorite cities to dream about. As if it wasn't already a place I just to walk around aimlessly for hours, there is a new plan on the table to take evening strolls in Seoul to the next level.
The abandoned piece of highway in central Seoul will be repurposed as a massive garden that is over 55 feet in the air. The plans boast that it will have more than 254 species of trees, shrubs, and flowers, not to mention a ton of cafes, flower shops, street markets, libraries, and greenhouses.
According to the architect's website:
The Seoul Skygarden, MVRDV’s proposal for the 938 metre long former elevated highway next to Seoul’s Central Station, hopes to build on the city’s ambition to be greener, more attractive and more user-friendly so as to inspire a process of change for the entire neighborhood. The design populates the overpass with 254 species of trees, shrubs and flowers to create an arboretum of local species, a library of plants that can be enjoyed by Seoul’s public.
The team of Dutch and Korean architects are already solidifying the plans and hope to get started this year! I can't wait!
Amazing, that is such a good idea :)
it's prudent 2 salvage an abandoned landmark as in Seoul d highway n turn into a more conducive n green living. At least it no white elephant. Looking forward 2 korean beauscape.