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No one can deny that Jennifer Lawrence has an incredible body. She's fit, happy, and best of all realistic about her health. She is not afraid to indulge, and not afraid to work hard for it.

Basically, she's a typical junk-food-addicted teenage girl:

'At the end of the day there's probably nothing that makes me feel better than junk food and reality TV.'

"Cool Ranch Doritos are my girl. I've been trying to wean myself off of Cool Ranch Doritos and move on to Pirate's Booty but it's just not doing the trick."

but at the same time, she is obsessed with fitness:

She's a huge fan of cardio and likes to run by the beach as often as she can. Especially while training for her Hunger Games films, she would run nearly 6 miles a day at some points!
Jennifer is also a familiar face in LA spinning classes. While she doesn't necessarily go for bike rides around town, she is always ready to power out an hour or two of hard-core cycling!
Follow her workout plan and check out these ridiculously sweet but healthy popcorn recipes for your ultimate junk food kick :)
She actually inspired me to start running (but I found out it totally wasn't for me^^)
She can come over and eat pizza with me any day!
I love that she isn't afraid to love 'unhealthy things' as long as she works in other ways to keep herself in shape. I'm sure the sugar isn't great for her, but at least she's trying to balance it!