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Portia di Rossi is hands down one of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, inside and out. Model turned actress, she is vocal about being yourself and accepting your differences completely, because she spent much of her youth trying to hide herself away.
She began modeling at the age of 12, which marks the start of her near-20 year struggle with bulimia. She was told to diet by various people in the fashion industry, so she would starve herself for up to two weeks before every fashion show. After that, she would make up for lost time by binging on her favorite candy which she would then throw up. The vicious cycle would continue even as she transitioned out of the modeling world.
Watch the inspiring video in full here.
Not only was she battling an eating disorder, but she was also hiding her sexuality from a world that didn't seem ready to accept homosexuality. The mix of the two battles she was fighting within herself made her depressed, angry, and in need of a serious change.
After getting a physical check up and being told that due to her eating habits she now had Lupus and a dozen other ailments, she began her slow recovery.
Now that she is eating normally and is open about her sexuality (and is married to the love of her life - Ellen Degeneres) she wants the rest of world struggling with issues like this to hear one thing:
"There is no normal. You need to know that who you are is enough, it will always be enough, it is more than enough. How amazing is it to be alive? And to be uniquely you!? So no matter what it is, you just have to go with whatever makes you smiles, whatever makes you happy, whatever makes you feel enthusiastic and connected to something. That's it. It doesn't matter what you are, just be passionate about it."
I just so love the couple! both are an inspiration for their being. And Ellen handles it quite well...
Portia is so awesome. She's overcome so much, and Ellen seems like such a supportive partner. Good on them both. :)