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It may seem quite odd to those who know me, and my affection to everything that Mad Men was about, from the media industry to the 1960's with their cultural and social revolutions, but I am not sad about the end of Mad Man. In fact, I didn't even bother to watch the last seson. True, I watched most of the previous seasons to a certain point and found them interesting and enjoyable, but I guess Mad Men is one of the main victims of the raised standards I have for TV seria, after watching Breaking Bad. Perhaps it all comes down to the fact that trough the entire series, I was waiting for Don to come up with something as brilliant as his presentation of the Kodak Carousel, which never happened. If the series was about the decline of the advertising industry from its peek at the early 60's then the allegory worked too well, making it a 7 seasons free fall that becomes too expected at a certain point. So goodbye to Mad Men, I shall not miss you, although you did have some great moments. I just hope that the career of the series' wonderful actors and actresses is on the rise. Ham, Moss, Hendricks and the rest of the cast, are the better part of the series.