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Never before have I thought that ordering pizza could actually save someone's life. (Because come on!!!) But that has changed. This is an idea I can get behind: order pizza a lot and you'll be safer. Seriously, keep reading.

Case 1

Basically, and 80 something year old woman who orders Domino's Pizza every day missed 3 days, so the workers there got worried and went over to check it out. When she didn't answer the door, they called the police. Turns out she had fallen down (not this isn't a bad life alert commercial, but it really would have helped here) and couldn't get up.
Thanks to the Domino's Pizza workers, she is recovering with minor injuries.

Case 2

A woman's boyfriend was holding her and her childre hostage and threatening to hurt them. He had taken her phone, but gave it back to her to have her order a pizza. She used the Pizza Hut app to order a pizza and through the "message" aspect she told them to call 911 and she needed help. Knowing the customer as a regular, they knew it wasn't a joke and called. The woman and kids made it out fine.
I don't know what we can learn from this other than "connect with the same person every day so that if you drop off the grid, someone notices." Or, get buddy-buddy with your delivery driver and local pizza shop so they know when something is off. I know that's what I'll be doing!
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Pizza saves lives