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We've all done it - the alarm didn't go off, we hit snooze too many times, or we just lay in bed staring at the ceiling too long in the morning. Oversleeping is just a part of life, but not everyone needs to know you do it!
Here are four simple tips for looking awake and put together even though you got dressed in about 2 seconds on your way out the door.

Puffy eyes

Too much alcohol, late night pizza, or too little sleep in general can lead to those nasty bags under your eyes.
Quick fix: Grab an ice cube, run it under water to get it slick and wrap it in a paper towel. Massage the cube around the orbital area—circling the eyes—for a few minutes to soothe and deflate bags.
You can also try sleeping with your head raised on two pillows so fluid (the stuff that fills that area of your face and makes you puffy) can drain while you sleep.

Sleep lines

These temporary wrinkles happen when skin is folded over for a long period of time (aka: you passed out with your face smashed in your pillow), causing a crease.
Quick fix: To reduce their appearance, do a couple jumping jacks to increase circulation and get blood flowing to the indented areas. Then apply a moisturizer, which draws water into skin to temporarily plump it up.

Dirty hair

When there’s no time to suds up your strands, reach for the next best thing: dry shampoo.
Quick fix: Spritz on some dry shampoo along your hairline and part to quickly cover the most visible areas. Or use oily hair to your advantage and create a sleek top-knot.

Blah skin

Limited time in front of the mirror means streamlining your makeup to just the essentials!
Quick fix: Start by applying a tinted moisturizer all over to even out skin tone and fake a rested glow. Then go for a light mascara and lip gloss to give your features a little pop!
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Dry shampoo is a saint! I bought a trial size can from Target over the weekend, and it's made sure I had great hair even when I couldn't fit in a shower.