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I filmed a dance cover in my Super Idol Nico cosplay!
This is Nico's solo song called Nicopuri♥Joshi dou aka Nico puri❤Girl's Path! I love this song. It's so cute and catchy and it was so fun to dance to!
I had to film in in my cosplay because it's what Nico wore for her solo concert for her siblings, so it was only fitting for her solo song! I didn't wear the overskirt with the balls on it because I was afraid they would come loose. But I think just the petticoat looks pretty cute!
Check it out DTP's channel here or see their Vingle here -> @dansutopansu !
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I bet someone really nice edited this for you :3
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(also you look adorable (
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Cute!! Good choice on leaving the extra balls off for this one
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