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“Orange Marmalade” premiered on May 15, with two thrilling episodes which set the premise for the latest vampire series to hit Korean television.
The teen drama combines the quirkiness of “Vampire Idol” with the elements of horror that kept viewers tuning in to “Blood.”
However, “Orange Marmalade” effectively captures the compelling eroticism of vampire romance.
AOA's Seolhyun portrays Baek Ma Ri, a teenage vampire who has endured prejudice from her classmates. She attempts to assimilate with society by exhibiting a human persona. Ma Ri enjoys singing, songwriting and playing the guitar. When she is casually performing, she appears at ease with her life.
Ma Ri inadvertently develops a relationship with her class president, Jung Jae Min (Yeo Jin Goo). He becomes transfixed by her and actively pursues her while she is at school and riding the subway.
The series is set within an alternate universe where vampires co-exist with humans. This serves as a juxtaposition to tales like “Twilight” or “Blood,” where vampires were considered mythical creatures whose existence was unfounded but feared. The vampires of “Orange Marmalade” are handled with cold bureaucracy through government regulated services and monitoring. Their unusual actions are videotaped for curious consumption by humans, who continue to examine them through the lens of mythology.
CNBLUE's Lee Jong Hyun portrays Han Shi Hoo, a less friendly vampire. He is adamant in his opinions about humans and attempts to guard Ma Ri.
The 2 episode premiere provided many great moments.
Here are 5 of the most awesome scenes from "Orange Marmalade."
1. Ma Ri inadvertently stops a crime that is committed by another vampire.
Vampires are treated as spectacles and are ostracized, but Ma Ri is able to blend in. She unwittingly interrupts another vampire from pestering a human.
2. She almost bites Jae Min, while having a beautiful dream, on the subway.
Ma Ri and Jae Min are inexplicably drawn towards each other. He follows her onto the subway and is met with an interesting surprise when she falls asleep. Ma Ri almost bites him and he becomes even more interested in pursuing her.
3. Shi Hoo is her vampire knight in shining armor when he rescues Ma Ri.
Shi Hoo is a gruff and almost feral vampire, but he is extremely gentle in his encounters with Ma Ri. A love triangle is immediately established, when he steps in to help her.
4. Ma Ri's father enjoys pretending to eat chicken and other culinary delights enjoyed by humans.
Ma Ri's father provides comic relief for the series. He pretends to eat chicken and beer while siphoning blood into tomato juice boxes.
5. When Ma Ri is bullied by her classmates, audiences are left to wonder if an attack is imminent.
Ma Ri is bullied by the mean girls in her class, but she doesn't bite them. The scene is charged with suspense, as it appears that she will be outed as a vampire.
6. Jae Min decides to return her neck kiss.
Jae Min demonstrates his attraction to Ma Ri by returning her neck kiss. He appears completely oblivious to the fact that she actually wanted to bite him, not kiss him.
i love this drama because i already read a manga was awesome.
The return neck kiss was better than any kiss scenes! :)
Love this drama!!!<3
i've never read the mango comic @sammha ... i'm sure it's interesting ... :D
i'm loving this drama too @riva
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