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There was a time when I was mildly fascinated with vampire stories—pre-Twilight, and I wasn’t even into Buffy then. Now, I’m just so over it, which is why I’m not all over this new Lee Jun Ki project despite my love for the actor. I also wish he had accepted a project that kept him out of the period setting, and in one that had a modern rom-com bent.
My whining aside, I think Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk will look great as vampires; they both have out-of-this-world faces. Heh. Both guys are already deep in production of Scholar Who Walks The Night, and as we’ve seen from Jun Ki, we can expect him to throw himself into his role.
Jun Ki and Soo Hyuk were recently joined by Lee Yoo Bi, Kim So Eun, Changmin, and other co-stars for the script reading of the gender-bender fantasy drama, which is due to air in July on MBC.
First it was blood, now orange marmalade...and then this. Wonder if it's a broadcast competition. It seems they are always competing in the same genres. :). I'm good as long as long as they have a great storyline and cast!
i haven't seen blood @chinoh ... but Orange Marmalade is pretty kool ... n i pretty much love Lee Joon Ki ... :D