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During korean drama "I Miss You", JYJ's Yoo Chun has been applauded for his emotional acting especially in the scene while eating the rice the only mother figure in his life has prepared for him! He was reported to be so drawn into the scene that even the filming staff teared while watching him act. Applause for the singer who are able to act well so well indeed! :))
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It was such a beautifully acted scene...I totally cried too. He has become such an outstanding actor. :)
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i love yoo chun...his role in i miss you is the total opp of rooftop prince! he's really a versatile actor!!
5 years ago·Reply
sometimes i wish the story line wont be so heartbreaking though.....heartbreaking yet addictive....
5 years ago·Reply
It's true. There are definitely a lot more darker moments in this drama, although I suppose that's what makes it a melodrama. Still, it's more like a tragedy drama. I really can't wait to see more bonding and healing happening.
5 years ago·Reply
@yinofyang i agree!!! ^^
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