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"Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what outside, but what is inside that counts." - Aladdin, Aladdin
We've heard this story over and over again. There's something there that wasn't here before. There's a hidden side to every story. Don't judge a book by it's cover. And yet, it's still good advice, because it's in our nature to make judgments before we have a chance to really understand!
Remember this: not everything is what it seems in love or in friendship or in anything, really, so make sure to take the time to get to know what's on the inside. After all, that's the only way to really find true love!!
It's time to watch Aladdin again haha thanks @onesmile you're always reminded me of movies I should watch!
LOVE this. Aladdin is like the ultimate rags to riches while still having a pretty good heart story, as long as Jasmine was willing to see who he truly is :)