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Well I am just confused.
This basically was a 'look at my friends looking hot' video and if this really is directed at a girl that is on Taylor's bad side, its basically a 'look at you not being in my video of my friends looking hot.' Sort of meh.
By the posters I thought that this would be longer, more dramatic, have more of a plot with more acting by her friends. Bummer that it was just a quick run-through of all of them in heels with weapons.
As for the remix, I personally only liked the chorus of the original song so I have no problem with Kendrick on the track, but Taylor needs to chill with the 'I'm a bad bitch' thing she tried to have going on when she was jamming with him in the car. Like, calm down girl.
What I'm trying to say is I really, honest-to-God love this video (except minor bits) I was just thinking it was going to be something a little bit more. What do you guys think?
(also, not to stir up drama but why did she blow up London? Is it Harry related or is it something else? She did say that Bad Blood wasn't about a boy but rather a girl who betrayed her)
@sherrysahar Same, I was bummed out by the vid mainly cause I wanted it to be longer haha
The song is TOOOOOOTALLY different, but I want to hear Kendrick's thought behind it. He never seemed like the kind of guy to work with such a huge pop star...
i love it soo damn EPIC nd hell yeah she totally rock the bad chick look <3 nd love the red hair on @AriannaVenti don't take this the wrong way but you only wanted the video to be longer because u liked it its just always like that when u like smthng you don't want to be over so soon hahas anyways i completely loved it :) <3
@beywatch I liked it but I was tooootally expecting something more like 10 minutes, with more general kick-assery hahaha
WHAT?! I LOVE this video!!
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