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Q: So (of course) there's a guy. We had a thing last year but I broke it off bc I didn't want a relationship at the time, and I didn't think I liked him that much. But recently we're talking to each other again and I can't help but realize how cute he is. And he told me one night that even if I wasn't the girl for him any guy would be lucky to have me, because we were talking about why we ended things before. He talks to my friend about me and he winks at me when we pass by each other. Is it normal for me to like him now? Is this really, really stupid of me? Help!!
A: Leave your advice for the anon in the comments :)
(and, if you need any advice, message me privately and I'll post it anonymously for you!)

My advice: yes. It seems like you made a mature choice to not date then because it wasn't right for you, but if it feels right now, then why not go for it?!
Oh, anyways, my advice to this anon would be....I'm not sure. I have a question first---did you guys actually date before, or just flirt and then you decided you didnt' want to date? If you just flirted and you scared yourself away from it, I saw give it a try. otherwise, just stay friends.
@Heartofgold35 I've nicknamed myself a "serial dater" before because I do the same thing...I can never realize what the problem is/was until I date them multiple times, and that sucks!!
Sometimes its better not to wonder what if trust me I I know. I did that once dated the same guy twice we were engaged both times. The second time around I found out why we didn't work out but also why I shouldn't have gotten back together with him in the first place.