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OK this might sound totally insane, but I'm about to drop $15 for a game on steam that will help inspire me to write more, and I think it's a pretty legit decision. Hear me out here.
Here's the premise, via the game's successful kickstarter that ran back in 2014:
"Explore dead civilizations, write about what you find, and share your stories with the universe: a game about writing fiction."
What's not legit about that?! Now, this isn't a game in the traditional sense at all. It's like a really beautiful version of Mad Libs. I think it's a really interesting concept, and could be used especially well in schools for elementary and middle school aged learners who would LOVE the chance to write something different, or to write their own video game.
You can also share your stories with friends or print out your finished work through sites like Blurb and Lulu....sure, not the most "fun" game, but I think it can be pretty inspiring as a warm up to writing every day!!
Here's Nate (youtube game reviewer i love!!!!) playing the game. He doesn't have the best story (sorry Nate, lol) but it gives you an idea of what you might be able to check out. Enjoy it!
Oh, and I should probably mention this: the game contains three post-apocalyptic worlds based on the works of a trio of Romantic poems: Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley, Darkness byLord Byron, and When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be by John Keats. How cool?!
@MattK95 it's like a playable prompt! Even if it doesn't have a ton of shooting or puzzle solving action, the puzzles are the prompts. I can't imagine what the "blank" one would be like, when you have to write everything. Definitely a good exercise for improving visual writing!
@greggr I wonder if they'll ever develop any; to be honest, I'm not sure since their theme is sort of apocalyptic. Aren't kids into that these days? lol
This might be great to get for my students to use during breaks and before school- I'm sure they'd love to be able to print their own "books." I would want some less dark story worlds, though.
@timeturnerjones LOL that's cool
@hikaymm No I didn't hahahaha I honestly forgot after watching the review
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