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So today while visting South Korea I went to visit my first longboard shop and look who I ran into at the river walk nearby!!!!!! I'm not going to lie it was probably one of the coolest moments ever. What are the chances of running into them in a foreign country.
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That is literally that coolest thing ever
@IsaacPaulR i was visiting the skate shop and exploring the area it's in. Discovered an amazing cheesecake place in the area and looked at some shops and such in the area and just got back to the car that was parked on the roadway above the local river walk when I heard the sound of a board hitting the ground and I looked down there and saw them two. Not going to lie I ran down there. Haha.
You met my two idols holy shit!!! Closest I got to meeting Lotfi was in LA one time. Cherish that meant for your whole life
Please tell me you let Adam draw on your board dude
@steezus it was pretty freaking awesome. No i didn't think about that at the moment I was just in awe of meeting them.