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Ok so I redid this video again, put both runs in and found I song I liked. I hope you all enjoy this 3rd and final repost.
I just got a go pro. What is the best resolution to record videos in? 4k?
I haven't gotten to play around with the hero4 yet but if you want to film in 4k for as long as the battery lives I would suggest bumping up to a 64gig ultra sd card. It can handle the 60fps if your looking for those slow mo shots. Your MacBook should be just fine, GoPro likes mac.
Alright thanks yeah I've just taken photos with it so far because I'm visited korea and right now I'm in Japan. But once I get back to the states where I can actually do a lot more longboarding ill make videos.
I have the hero 4 silver version and a MacBook Air. I have a 32gb micro sd card.
I have a hero3 black version, and this video was shot in 1080p at 30 FPS (frames per sec). Filming in 4k is the best yes, but you have to make sure your SD card can handle the record speed and space for a 4k, or else it comes out choppy and ugly. The key is not loosing the HD resolution when transferring footage, say over the wifi. Get GoPro studios if you have a computer. Macs work better than a PC. If you do have a PC, make sure you have nothing else running in the background.