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Flock together.
Love it when brides and grooms get their personality across for weddings. I especially love it when it falls on the eclectic side of things. Are those bird legs not the cutest ever?! haha Help me out here, is the fondant icing white or tinted? Maybe it's the beautiful trickery by Gillian Ottaway Photography, but my eyes are seeing beautiful hints of rouge being reflected. The coppery bead texture at the center of the sugar doily appliques is giving me LIFE!
Situated on Queen Street East, in Toronto, Bobette and Belle is, yet another, destination patisserie for your wedding season sweet tooth. They created the delicate lace motif fondant cake and the adorable cloth birds cake topper.
To all my Rochester/Buffalo New York brides--check this place out!
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cutest birds ever! love the lace detailing too