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GAGGING over this color plate design by Brachetto Weddings. Here's what I learned from this inspiration board by the UK designers: find your favorite lipstick and THAT is your starting point for your bridal concept.
Think about it, if that is you go-to color, then that should be your go-to place of inspiration.
You can create your own inspirational color board too. Here's how:
1. Create a grid space of ODD numberd spaces.
2. Grid spaces should be different sizes.
3. One single color should dominate the photos, though it doesn't have to be monochromatic.
4. Using your senses, find pictures that speak to taste, touch and sight.
5. Mix close ups with full composite shots
6. Since this is for inspiration, it's OK to bring in photos that are not exactly "wedding" pics.
7. Most importantly, SHARE your vision with others.
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This is a cool idea board.