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Seriously, this pic is both LUXE and LUSH. And in all the right ways.
Mounds of table florals in soft pink, dotted with dark mauve. It's striking to see those tapers encased in glass! The crystal chandeliers dripping to the table are gorgeous. I'd love to hear what fellow Vingler, @NixonWoman has to say about this design.
Another pic of luscious pink florals on a queen's table with crustal and floral chandeliers hanging from an open tent. Notice the soft drape of fabric that echos a tent ceiling, without the big tent look.
White, crystal and mirrors! Yes!
This mirror table top appears to follow all the rules that @NixonWoman set in place to educate the masses with! (Thank you!!) Tall silver and crystal candelabras are a dramatic touch to the glamour that is achieved through white Victoria chairs with tons of reflective finishes. Light seems to be bouncing from every direction!
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Love how lush these pictures are