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Coco Chanel's favorite flower, the camellia has seen a resurgence in style. this time, for men! The true sartorialist probably already owns a piece of Chanel jewelry. Albeit for women, the masculine design to much of the jewelry line lends itself to the metrosexual man.
To be specific, I am NOT ADVOCATING that you run out to Chanel and buy a $1,300 brooch so that your suit looks good. But the style masters at Suited Man created this Crystal Camellia 'pin' (because men don't wear brooches!) for $55. The camellia flower measures about one inch in diameter and would look DAMN GOOD on a gray striped suit or summer seersucker.
I only WISH I had known about this for a wedding I attended last October. Don't worry, I still looked awesome with a turquoise crocheted flower 'pin', but this would have been even better!