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Matching Her Lipstick
Priced upon request, Hugo Boss wants you to be more than just stylish. Looks like this time around, you need to match your girl's lipstick! Do you even know what colors or brands she wears on her lips? Did you ever notice when she does wear lipstick? And while we're at it, do you know the difference between lip sticks, lip stains and lip glosses?
Did I just lose you?!
The shoe you see here comes in two styles: natural (off-white) soles and black soles, pictured here.
TIP: If you're going to go bold and rock these patent leather kicks, don't go monochromatic unless you are a style-maker. Keep your accessories and overall look either on the light side or on the dark side. Nothing matchy-matchy, unless you're matching HER LIPS!
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