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Truly, some of the most provocative and dazzling weddings you can create is along the lines of going WHITE for most (or all) of the weddingscape look. For this ethereal concept, white is used as a base with all manner of 'shades of white' for the detailing such as the petals, seat cushions, chairs and table.
Easily adaptable for a table of 10, you'd have to go with either standard event tables that are 60" or 72." If you're married to the style of the pedestal table, then it'd have to either be custom, which will send you over your $50k'd have to compromise on the amount of people seated per table. This is a 48" diameter, which seats 4-6. Just keep in mind that if you go this route, that means, an event of 150 people turns into 25 tables.
And you know that 25 tables means...
25 tablescapes. Priced at $270 each, you're looking at $6,750! You'd need a budget of $68,000 to pull this off, unless, like I said, you go with larger tables. I must admit, however, that part of the dramatic charm of this concept is the Grecian urn-like table design. A real showstopper!
Some have wondered about tablescapes and budgeting. Typically, it's 10 percent of your budget. For this and more tips, follow my Tables Under $50 Grand here.
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That second picture is stunning to look at.