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Weighing in at 30 carats, this step-cut behemoth is a gentle reminder of what it looks like to either be rich enough to buy without a care or just rich enough to bankrupt yourself. Beads of gold and too many diamonds to count, weighing 5 carats total, make this the envy of all sapphire engagement rings.
Since this comes from the 1950s, perhaps there is a man out there who still believes in buying stunning jewels for the girl he loves. I'm looking right at you Winston!
Jean Schlumberger Henri Picq Sapphire Diamond Ring
Shank and SettingTests as platinum
SapphireWeight: 30 carats
SSEF certificate stating of Ceylon origin with no indications of heat treatment
Diamond Weight: 5.00 carats in total
Clarity: VS
Colour: G
Size: K
lol who wouldn't NixonWoman.?
Such a stunner! Glad you love it @heartofgold35
The queen of all sapphires in my book.
Going bankrupt over a ring?! I don't think so. It's pretty, but no gem is worth going bankrupt over.
@heartofgold35 Check this one out. YOU WILL FLIP!