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Louis "Ghost" chairs.
Mirrored tables.
Hanging chandeliers.
Florals of peony, hydrangea, ranunculus.
Glass floral towers.
A look like this, depending on the cost of your table rentals, will run you very close to $5,000. Cost it out first, what the tables will run you and then work backward. This will prevent you from wasting too much time designing something that is obscenely out of your budget--over a damn table.
In the case where you want romantic flowers without the sappy romantic look, opt for a masculine and modern look as pictured. Getting your tables with the mirror top come in two ways. You can get the top only, which many a rental company just throws over their standard reception tables. you can also get mirror tables that can be rented. These are much nicer in both design and quality. Whichever direction you go in, I recommend seeing them in person before just ordering them from online.
As I've said before, too, keep in mind that when you go to galleries and showrooms to understand that much of what you will see on and around the tables they show you are conceptual pieces. Work with and trust your designers before 'falling in love' with a showroom. I talk in detail about this here. If you have questions or need some advice about your reception, drop me a note or leave a comment!
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I love this picture. The table is set beautifully.