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It's finally happened. A limited edition, dessert Oreo that I actually want to try. This is big news.
The S'moreo, as shared in a press release: "Featuring a first-ever graham cracker cookie and chocolate-marshmallow creme filling, S’mores OREO cookies allow fans to enjoy summer’s iconic treat no matter where they are –- no fuss, no mess. Some might describe it as a campfire in a cookie."
Even though they don't go on sale till May 22 the folks at Mashable were lucky enough to get to try them before their limited run starts (send me some next time, ok?)
And here's what they have to say:
"If the cracker was more graham-y, it would nail it."
"It is f*cking delicious."
"The filling doesn't taste like s'mores, but the cracker is graham cracker."
"The inside needed more smoke flavor... I wanted to feel more campfire."
"Really yummy."
"Tastes like just a vanilla cookie."
So I don't really know if I'll like it. Chances are if it's anything like the other limited edition ones I've tried (watermelon-yuck, red velvet-yuck, ice cream-yuck), I probably won't like it, but I've gotta try them all (Oreos!)

Which Oreos are your favorite, or will these top your list?

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Double stuffed, forever and always!
I bet it would be better if you nuked it in the microwave for a couple seconds.
@galinda I like the way you think, you can stay. @danidee or roasted it over a bonfire eh?
I have to say this one actually sounds OK
@amog32 Tried them, and they did not disappoint!