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What was I doing when I was 4? Getting ready for kindergarden, learning to read by myself, and getting on the big girl swings at the park. What is Mayhem doing? Designing J.Crew's new kids collection. NBD.
Mayhem, now five years old, has been designing since she could hold scissors. She creates dresses for her dolls, herself, and even her mom from paper and tape scraps she finds in her house. Her Instagram became a big hit, and eventually J.Crew approached her with a little project.
She worked hand and hand with the adult designers to create a fantastically fun collection for girls her age which is now available on J.Crew online stores!
As someone in her 20s, this makes me really want to up my game. Maybe I'll go buy some tissue paper and tape later and get my fashion career started!
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Can't believe her collection is out! I remember I wrote about her paper fashion design a couple months ago (