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I finally gave in and clicked to find out what this "spider rain" nonsense was, because how could it possibly be raining spiders? If you're afraid of spiders, stop reading now.
Here's what I found out...

It really does happen.

But it depends on how you define "rain."
Basically, a bunch of baby spiders migrate by shooting spider webs into the air, which the wind then picks up. So the webs act sort of like parachutes that carry the baby spiders. Eventually, they drop down.

They do this in huge groups.

Which is what makes it kind of horrifying (incredibly terrifying for those afraid of spiders). Its not just one little spider getting carried through the air. It's huge clusters of spiders.
They fly through the sky and then you see these falls of spider webs that look almost as if it’s snowing. There's just these vast areas of baby spiders, all coming down at once in the late morning or early afternoon.
Why all at once? Because they usually just do this day to day, so we don't notice it, but because of weather sometimes they cannot for few days, so when the conditions are right, they all take off. It tends to happen a couple of times per year, usually on clear days with slight winds.
This phenomenon doesn't just happen in Australia--here's a video of it happening a few years ago in Brazil.

Is it still terrifying?

YES. But not dangerous. Apparently these little guys are too small to bite you, even if they were venomous. So hurrah for that?
Just awful! I am terrified of spiders, which is exactly why I looked at this card. That's what you do when you're terrified of something; you investigate it to death all the while you're convinced it's going to kill you. ugh!
@MyNoahIsName @photogandy Just don't go to the country go to the city if you're thinking of visiting! XD Melbourne and Adelaide are really nice cities :)
ok, taking Australia off the bucket list.
thank you for destroying my childhood dream of moving to Australia when I get older. Where the hell am I going to move to now?! Greenland? Ya right, I hate the middle east
OMG~ This is so freaky~~ but in away it's amazing^^ THX
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