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R: Rainie S: Show 0'40 They wish it other goodnight. R then says... wait, where are you sleeping tonight? S says ohhh my room got taken by u, so I was gg to just stay in any hotel. R says "actually... u can sleep with me... ON THE SOFA!" 2'00 (after they bump into each other) S: oh! i wanted to go to the toilet R: oh! I was thirsty and wanted to drink water... the toilet is that way. S: I suddenly dont need the toilet... the water is that way R: I'm suddenly not thirsty. kekeke they wish each other goodnight again 3'00 S gets a call telling him he has a car pickup, but R keeps staring at the wedding dress and doesnt move. S tells her to stay there then, and he went to pick up the car R's fiancee walks into the shop though!!! I'm calling him Mr X Mr X: Have u played enough? Can u come hme with me now? R: I'll go change out. Just wait for me. R pretends to change, but instead she tells the staff that Mr X will pay for the dress, and she escapes with S 6'03 S: Do you have anything you want to say to me R: No S: Now can you tell me who is the person chasing you? R: You want to know... okay... I'm actually a spy and I stole their company secrets S: STOP LYING TO ME! R: Is invading other people's privacy so impt? S: 1) I'm not invading ur privacy. I care about you 2) In my heart, you are not "other people" S: I don't care abt ur past. I have fallen in love with you alrdy R: Have u watched "Roman Holiday"? I just ran away from a wedding. That man chasing me is my fiancee. There now u finally have the truth. I just thought that I shld have fun before I get married. U are just an accident. So don't tell me things about love... it doesnt matter to me S: Look in my eyes and answer me. These past few days, have u had any feelings for me? R: ... No.
when will ep 5 be out?
thank youuu!!!