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Dear Advertisers,
If you're going to inundate my five senses with a constant stream of advertising, can you at least do it with some humor, some ingenuity, some creativity, or some sort of 'wow factor' that is fun and enjoyable?!
Vote on your favorite ad in the comments below. I just found these online and wanted to see what you all thought.
I love this FedEx ad, besting DHL for all your shipping needs. Looks like it worked, as DHL removed its domestic presence in favor of its lucrative foreign markets.
Absolute may not be my first pick at the store, but I know who they are and am in love with this ad. If I didn't know any better, I'd also think this was co-sponsored by IKEA!
This is how you get eyeballs on your product/name. Force them to with an interactive ad that uses everyday, real people. Gotta love the golden retriever!
I think more advertisers would do this sort of thing if lawsuits weren't the latest lottery-winning trend. I can imagine some bafoon tripping over this (on purpose) in order to get into that triple-wide on cinder blocks.
For real?! Not a brand name in sight! Just a quick long-lasting reminder to cover up and protect your skin.