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---------------------------------------------------------- Korean got US team as their opponent in WOC competition. In the Korean Peninsula Peace Forum, Royal secretary was really worried that John Mayer will say something about the incident to his son (Si Kyung). Jae Shin who came out to the forum, was really shocked to see John Mayer among the audience! The evil girl who kidnapped her in Anmyundo was also there! She was so shocked that she tried to ran away with her wheelchair, but she fell down! Jae Ha finally also heard about that news. But I think he has something to worry about more, which is how to compete with US team in WOC! US team said something bad about Korean, and one of the Wu Seok heard their conversation, and he almost got into a fight with them! ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
---------------------------------------------------------- Part 2: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Part 6: Ep 15 Preview:
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