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I still love this song.
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Will do @beywatch Djing for a skate comp & Skate shop opening soon :-)
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Cool, cool. Have fun!
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@beywatch thanks I also do skateboarding and have done for 20 years off and on. I am 28 now, My friend calls me ATV Jas as a joke because i'm always doing things to keep busy I do a bit of everything lol. What do you do these days? For fun or as hobbies?
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Now I just sort of chill and do art. I kind of fell out of DJing but I still love music and listening to new stuff. I go to a lot of music festivals too. Looking forward to the Mad Decent Block Party this summer.
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@beywatch Sounds like a silly Question but is block party a band? Or music festival? I Might check em out! Cheers! I like art as well. All kinds of art.
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