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I've been thinking a lot about the nature of the relationships I've been in lately. (and considering getting a dog instead of spending so much time thinking about love). But there's one thing that's always gotten to me: is it weird that I simply find myself falling out of love?
Of course, sometimes this is fairly normal. The person changes, or I change, or a big event changes us and it's impossible for things to be normal again. Other times, I don't want to fall out of love, it just simply isn't the same anymore. And I wonder if it's only me who finds this sad and odd and frustrating.
So I wanted to ask you guys, too: why have you fallen out of love? Or, why has someone told you they have fallen out of love with it?
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@hikaymm Then you're very welcome! I still have love for both of my ex's that I was serious with, but I am not in love with them. I am still friends with one of them, and I knew when it wasn't weird being friends, that I wasn't ever truly in love with him. The feelings for him just vanished, which told me that it wasn't love. It was infatuation. it is extreme confusing!!
@fallingwater I think it'll always be sad. We are taught that love is supposed to last "forever", so when it doesn't, it shakes our world up a little bit. And when you have fallen in love with someone, it takes that much more heartache to leave when you're no longer happy. Whether you're in love with the person anymore or not, you're emotionally invested in them, with automatically makes it that much deeper. Any time you're emotions are involved in something, it instantly complicates it and makes it that much harder to understand.
@JennyStinson Definitely agree. Even if all the emotions are no longer positive or are even mostly negative, that doesn't mean saying goodbye becomes suddenly easy.
@JennyStinson In my case I guess falling out of love with two of my serious exes actually meant realizing that they really weren't the kind of people I enjoy or think are worth my time, so we're not friends anymore, but I also don't harbor any hatred or anything!
@fallingwater Idk. I still keep in contact with my latest ex every once in a while to make sure he is doing well. but the other one keeps trying to hit me up and I just ignore it, considering it ended 4+ years ago. Goodbyes are never easy. I don't say goodbye unless I know that I'll never see them again, regardless of the person. like I'm dating someone right now and I know that it'll end in heartbreak but I so know that it's worth the journey. if you aren't still in love with them, then they weren't the one for you.