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Another Vingler inspired me to read a Cosmopolitan magazine, which turned out to be a great idea because I learned some cool mascara tricks that I wished I had known. Maybe you've heard of these or have a few tricks of your own. Care to share? <3 Thanks!
Easy-off Waterproof Mascara
Cover your lashes with regular mascara then use waterproof mascara so it's a snap to remove at the end of the day.
Liquefy Thick Mascara
Thin out thick and clumpy mascara by dropping the sealed container in hot water, leaving it submerged 30 seconds.
Double-duty Mascara
With a second brush, gently capture the mascara and use as eye liner.
Oops! Spot Remover
This tip is by far my favorite! When you get those oops! marks from a mistake, let it dry before you clean it up. When it dries, use the end of a q-tip to twist in a circular motion to lift the mark onto the swab.