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Even though I have always loved this kind of pin-up look, I never thought that the makeup or hairstyles were something I can wear for a normal dinner out. But, I saw a girl last weekend at a restaurant who was rocking the victory curls, so I decided that I should just try it: no more waiting for Halloween!
In this video learn how to:
- contour your cheeks and apply blush
- create luscious pink lips that will last
- curl your hair & create victory rolls at the front!!
A really important part of wanting to try this look for me is the winged eyeliner, so thankfully this youtuber also made a video specifically explaining how to do the winged look. Pretty easy, really!! I crazy for thinking I can just wear this out for a normal night? I think 40s and 50s inspired looks are still so in, but maybe I just want to try this look so badly I'm being biased.

Would you wear a pinup inspired look like this one?

I actually do this one and a few other vintage updos alot. It's actually rather easy and you would be surprised how many compliments are given since not alot of women wear it casually
I always think it'd be so pretty but I never have the guts to actually wear it out and about!
so pretty
@KaylaGarcia I agree with you. I think more women should wear it casually but it does take some time to prep the hair.
@Sydneyk33 If you like it try it out! That's my rule. Just be confident and it'll go pass any awkwardness. :) @AvocadoLove I think you'll like this style!