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I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to see who the cast members of the next installment of the Reply Me series will be and I dare say the casting will definitely draw mixed reactions. The members of our line up is
1. Hyeri
An idol from girl group Girl’s Day. Her being an idol most definitely has made someone mad, however I will withhold judgement because I have no clue how she will perform. I last saw her inHyde Jekyll Me, but her role wasn’t so big that we could make any real assumption about her acting techniques.
2. Park Bo Gum
This was the choice I admittedly was most excited about. Although I wasn’t in love with the dramaNaeil Cantabile, I most certainly liked the cast and felt they did a good job with the script handed to them. This was in fact the first drama I saw Park Bo Gum in, and he totally shined, I am very much looking forward to seeing him in this installment.
3. Go Kyung Pyo
Although right now he is causing trouble as Kang Sora’s little brother on Warm and Cozy, this actor also co starred with Park Bo Gum on Naeil Cantabile. I am pretty curious what he will bring to the table. He has a tendency of playing the supportive best friend as well as bringing the comedy in any romantic comedy I have seen him in. On top of which, I wonder if he will be the third member of the next Reply Me love triangle?
4. Ryu Hye Young
In her last drama Spy she played Jae Joong’s character’s little sister. The jury’s still out on this one as her role in the drama was not so great that one could properly guage her acting talent as well.
I am curious how the cast chemistry will work out in general, hopefully it will be as good as those in past installments. Also, I hope this cast as well as the production crew will present us with compelling drama.