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Plain pasta is no more. Instead, artist Martin Roller re-imagines the basic food items he finds into something different. Like the spaghetti gun and apple burger above.
According to some completely unreliable sources on the internet, Roller finds the objects on the street and turns them into these surreal images without any digital manipulation. But I have yet to see an interview with the man himself, and his website offers little about his work.
Still, it's fun to see what we can re-imagine things we see every day into--just like the cool drawings that incorporate every day objects that I shared last week.
These are Food Shoes--I can't say the salami one would be practical at all, but the different varieties of meat certainly did give Roller the freedom to make a design that actually looks like a shoe. They also probably smell really, really bad.
A bathing suit, in Roller's eyes, becomes a sling shot perfect for launching multiple missiles at the enemy.
(I really, really hope he ate all those pieces he cut out. Don't waste a good slice of bread!!)
You can find the rest of his food art collection on his website, here. He also has some cool other object versions of these reimagination (i.e. not food) that you can see here!
It's amazing what a little imagination can change the world into.
@danidee But please tell me you would have eaten the rest of the bread!!!
The banana shoes are my favorite!
That bread maze is my favorite. It remind me of all the weird stuff I used to do with my Xacto knife back when I was in art school. (The possibilities are endless really.)
Well, I will probably never look at a banana the same way again hahaha