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So this is the first Shinee comeback that I've anticipated.... I'm not a Shinee fan per say but I don't hate either. Theyre my sisters top bias group so there was a no touchy rule. Dont ask lol. But honestly...I wasn't digging Everybody....wasn't my cup of tea. Colorful was adorbs and fun but it didn't have me tingling with feels. Taemin's solo debut tho.....that had my face sliding off and rolling away from me. Lawwwdd<(ˍ ˍ*)> Then watching Minho on Exciting India.....he's adorable<3 js but after watching this, I'm like.....
So.....this is what it feels like.....
Soooooo, I think I'm officially a fan of Shinee now......listened the the album this morning and loved it.... Long time coming...I know. Don't judge me  ̄ˍ ̄
Now I ask you all .....how in the H-E- Double hockey sticks could I have resisted?? What did y'all think?? *Side note....Minho needs a permit to carry those guns....js
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But yasss!!!! I'm into this. I really enjoyed it. They look amazinggg like omg!! :)
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@MattK95 lemme know what you think of it. There were a couple tracks in there that we're a lil weird/ funky but I'm weird so I didn't mind.
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@PassTheSuga will do :)
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I love it all shinee boys soo sexxy. taemin hair nd minho the perfect arms hahas love it 😜💝♥😉
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how did I miss this? I have seen the pics even saved a few. I heard part of the song somewhere not until now did I see the video. I'm slacking I'm sorry
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