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It's graduation season, which means it's time to be super jealous of everyone in my university (I have a few more classes to take!) and apparently to also be jealous of everyone graduating high school, too, since they can do up their graduation caps like these and I can't.
I can, however, continue to gather ideas until I find the right one for me. Deposit be damned, I am going to have to buy my cap outright so I can decorate it when I graduate!
Tolkein's Got It
May the Odds...
A Dr. Seuss Classic
Game of Loa...er, Thrones Inspired
My Time Here is Finished!
We're Off to See the Wizard...
Another Take on Harry Potter
And One More b/c JK Rowling is the Best
Another Harry Potter. We all know I'm obsessed so don't be surprised.
I can't help but think this is too heavy and painfully tacky, but maybe you and your significant other might want to try this TFIOS inspired one.
Of course, there's gotta be one from my girl Jane
@Sjeanyoon Yeah no one in my HS did either, but I guess this is more of a recent development!
I never understood this trend...no one in my high school or university decorated their caps!