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The "Don't Speak" singer looked happy as could be as she hung on to then-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal while the two strolled through Brooklyn on Thanksgiving Day 2010. But by Christmas the two were through. Many have guessed that a few of the songs Swift has wrote since were about Gyllenhaal, including her tune "The Last Time." "The idea was based on this experience I had with someone who was kind of this unreliable guy," she told NPR earlier this year. "You never know when he's going to leave, you never know when he's going to come back, but he always does come back.” (11/25/2010) credit: yahoo omg
@oj1992 but it's kind of a little creepy.. it's like she's scheming to have relationships in order to make good music?
I watched some local chinese singing competitions and often the judge would ask the contestant "have you ever fallen in love before ? etc". Coz it's through these experiences that one has to go through ... falling in love then breaking up in order to come up wz great songs. Taylor is probably using this technique.