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Yesterday, Joi finally met up with her mom, and mom realizes Joi is SY.. Let's see! Joi suggests her to take in car. Harry asks "U still think Joi is SY?" Then JW says "If u find other reasons that she's not SY except she looks different with SY, then tell me." JW comes to know that SD(the murdered man) called to his father, president TJ, for the first time after being released. He goes to check wat's going on. In the meanwhile, Harry struggle to send Joi to France, cuz policers stoped her to go outside from Korea. Joi comes in home with SY's mom(Joi's mom). "Is there anything to tell me?", Joi asks. Her mom says "U looks so beautiful. It seems u've lived well.." Joi cries, saying "I'm sorry..I'm sorry.." Her mom is surprised, "I want nth. If u are not dead, that's fine." Joi says "Mom..I can't go back..I don't wanna live as SY.." Hearing it, mom says "Yeah..don't come back..Nobody knows u're daughter of murder, right? Nobody knows wat u've been through, right? Then, that's fine. I didn't see u today. I will leave, don't follow me.." Coming outside, SY's mom realize what she did. "JW, wat do I have to do..JW..", she cries. In the meanwhile, president TJ investigates of Joi and Harry. "Investigate about them more. With his money, he would be possible to change personal identification.", he orders. JW comes to his father to ask why he called with SD. Hitting his cheecks, he says "What do I have to say to u? U guys can't find SY never ever never." JW says "Now u also acknowledge she didn't die. I'm not done still about finding SY. If I find out more, I'd come to u." SY's mom gets shocked and drinks. JW comforts her. At that night, Jow goes to her hometown. Walking by, she sees JW coming, so hides. She sees JW's looking the broken light which is memory for both of JW and SY. She follows JW behind. He's playing alone in playground. Seeing him, Joi reminds of childhood memories with him. Suddenly alarm rings in Joi and JW's phone at the sametime. Joi's alarm says 'It doesn't matter even if u hate me..Just think of me one minute at this time.' She cries seeing it. JW hear the crying and follows her. Joi leaves soon taking taxi, but JW knows she's SY. Joi is drinking alone and Harry is watching it. He gets anxious seeing JW is also watching her behind. Harry sees JW's using same body sign with Joi. He gets angry of it, Coming back home, Harry asks what she did today. Joi lies, "I did nth special. Just walking around.." He says "U can't go back France for 10 days. New client invited us. Would u come with me? After seeing him, tell me if he's good or bad." Next day, SY's investigated and gets JW's call. "I will catch real criminal..!", he says. 'Btw, if I do that, u're gonna leave to Franch, right? Plz don't leave..' After investigating her, JW's co-worker says "I'm sure u are not criminal. In the camera, the woman is thinner than u." Joi says "I also have one thing to tell u. In the hidden camera, the women looks older. U know I'm designer..so I can guess what age the person is.." A criminal ordered dry ice before killing SD. Policer tracked the IP and the IP came from JW's computer which means criminal used JW's computer. In the meanwhile, Harry and Joi visited president TJ's home because of business. Talking together, TJ asks "What happened to ur leg?" Harry says "U don't remember? U made my leg like this. U know the bicycle.." At that night, JW's investigating workers who stayed in police officer to order dry ice. While investigating, he doubts cleaning woman is the criminal. JW starts to follow her behind. Cleaning woman sees him, "Hey, wat r u doing here?" JW says "Let's go to police office and take basic investigation. Unless I get fired." Cleaning women says "Ok. Give me a few mintues to prepare meal for my daughter. Wait for a minute in my home." In her home, she asks JW to give a tape in drawer. Finding it, JW sees a tape and rope which he saw in the scene of accident. He gets surprised and the cleaning women deprives of his senses with stun gun.
@njkim Thank you as always. The show definitely made it seem like she was the killer, although I kept saying it couldn't be her.
so it was true that someone other than lee su yeon is the suspect... they said that she is the mother of one of the victims of SD..
thankyou @njkim.. and the importance is lee so hyun not murdered man right?
*there was a scene showing how she killed him
I DONT GET IT SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!! i thought lee su hyun killed SD(the murdered man)?????cause in one of the episodes before it showed how she killed him!!!????!!
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