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Kristi Murphy is one of my new favorite crafty gals. And following her easy instructions, you, me, we both can put this fabulous maxi dress together--all for under $30! Who would ever believe that Ikea would be good for clothing ideas?!
Ikea's "Eivor" is a black and white striped throw that you will find in the bedding department. It's less than $25 (though, it's not available online--only in-store). You will need one of these, a pair of scissors, thread, and a zipper. Oh, and a sewing machine and some pins would be mildly helpful to get this project done before the next ice age!
Right side inward, wrap Eivor around the waist. Start pinning the ends of the throw together tight around your waist and hips, being careful to drape away gently from the thighs and outward. You need to be able to walk freely.
The tricky part is to methodically mark where you've pinned with pins--but in a way so the (new) pins are on each side of the fabric--so you can un-pin yourself and start sewing.
According to the instructions on the zipper, install the zipper before you sew the dress together. Once the zipper is installed you can finish sewing from the zipper to the bottom.
Now you've got a smackin maxi dress to wear this Spring/Summer...even if it's sub-zero degrees outside this week. Ugh!! I hope you liked this project. There are so many more that I want to incorporate using this high-contrast black and white theme.
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