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$475 Tods Flats For $30
Dedicated to the late Joan Rivers, this card is about faking your flats into a pair of almost-five-hundred-dollar Tods...for about the cost of a Starbucks gift card! So for all those Joan Rangers out there, you'll want to clip this and see my other striped maxi skirt--made from an Ikea throw!
H&M suede loafers
white acrylic paint
paint brush
patterning tape
Mod Podge (optional)
1. Tape a stripe pattern on the shoes using the patterning tape.
2. Paint between the lines to create white stripes. Let dry for one hour. Paint a second coat. Let shoes dry for two hours.
3. Remove tape.
4. This extra step is optional, but you can give your shoes a little extra protection with a coat of Mod Podge and leave them to dry overnight.
How cute are these?! <3 <3 <3
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