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I am allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll about crafting cute ideas that can be shared or gifted to others in my ever-increasing circle (now that I am going to be married in less than a year! OMG! I am gathering a bunch of ideas on here through my Upcycled DIY Collection. I am putting this there where you will find other must-see-must-do projects.
This cute idea comes from Joanna Meyer who partnered with Kristi Murphy. All you need is a cheap chopping board, like the Proppmatt from Ikea, which retails for $2.99. You can easily get a Creative Versa Tool set from Amazon for about $25 and combine your purchase (to save on shipping) by also ordering an Alphabet Branding Set.
1. Attach the monogram hot stamp letter to the wood burning tool before plugging it in. Turn the dial to the hottest setting to warm for five minutes.
2. Practice stamping on a scrap piece of wood, so you can get used to the tool.
3. Stamp your cheese board with your letter(s) of choice. When stamping hold for a couple of seconds and make sure the tool steady. Note: if you are using multiple letters, make sure to let each letter cool before changing out.
Finishing Touches:
4. Wrap suede cord around the board and tape ends to the back to hold in place.
5. Print and cut favor tags.
6. Tape favor tags onto suede cord.
7. Tie a name tag onto the end using your twine if desired.