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Wolfboy alternative ending
Movie “A Werewolf Boy With Different Ending To Premiere December. Hit Korean movie “A Werewolf Boy“, starring Song Joong-ki and Park Bo-yeong, will be re-released with a newly edited, alternative ending. According to CJ Entertainment, this second version of “A Werewolf Boy” will feature a newly edited ending, set to hit theaters in December. The total running time of the film will be increased by two minutes, to total 127 minutes. Fans of the movie had pleaded with CJ to release the unrevealed ending to the movie. The announcement was met with mixed responses from the public. Although some were excited to see the slightly altered version of the ending, other complained that they have to pay another movie admissions fee just for the additional two minutes. source: http://www.ohkpop.com/
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hope the end is better... and they sub it real quick!
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Here is the alternate ending.,want to share this to you guys., :) http://hangulover.tumblr.com/post/44512617569/glue-bending-a-werewolf-boy-alternate-scene
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