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There are many safe nondrug remedies for anxiety, from mind-body techniques to supplements to calming teas. Some start working right away, while others may help lessen anxiety over time.
Below are some examples of medicine-free anxiety relief!


If you have a jittery moment, a cup of chamomile tea might help calm you down. Some compounds in chamomile actually bind to the same brain receptors as drugs like Valium. It will also help you get to sleep faster.
Research shows that green tea helps curb a rising heart rate and blood pressure, and a few small human studies have found that it reduces anxiety.

Lemon Balm

Named after the Greek word for "honey bee," lemon balm, has been used at least since the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, and help with sleep. You can get in in the form of a tea, a capsule, or an oil!


Exercise is safe, good for the brain, and a powerful antidote to depression and anxiety, both immediately and in the long term. Aim for 20 minutes a day minimum, but don't stress about it.


The intoxicating (but safe) aroma of lavender may be an "emotional" anti-inflammatory. It helps you fall asleep, feel calmer, and it even boosts your mood!

Hold Your Breath

One reason it works is that you can't breathe deeply and be anxious at the same time. To do the 4-7-8 breath, exhale completely through your mouth, then inhale through your nose for a count of four. Hold your breath for a count of seven. Now let it out slowly through your mouth for a count of eight. Repeat at least twice a day.

Eat Something!

Almost universally, people get more anxious and irritable when they are hungry. Grab something with protein or good fats like almonds or dark chocolate to get you back on track.

Get Hot

Ever wonder why you feel so relaxed after a spell in the sauna or a steam room? Heating up your body reduces muscle tension and anxiety, research finds.

Learn Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation, originally a Buddhist practice but now a mainstream therapy, is particularly effective in treating anxiety. How to begin? You can start by simply paying attention to the present moment, intentionally, with curiosity, and with an effort to attend non-judgmentally.
Blowing on my thumb helps out.
A cup of hot ginger tea with brown sugar always helps me. Whenever I get nervous or anxious, it goes right to my stomach, and ginger helps get the knot out.