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You probably already do this unconsciously. When you get that itchy feeling from being inside too long, or from being surrounded by concrete and steel buildings all day. That urge to take off your shoes and walk in the grass, or lay under a tree, or go for a hike with just yourself, your mind, and nature.
In Japanese, this is called Shinrin-Yoku (森林浴) or "Forest-Bathing." Simply defined, it is a trip to a forest, or really anywhere in nature, to just take in the calming quiet you can only find in such places. It is now a common stress-reliving practice among Japanese. They actually have 44+ certified Shinrin-Yoku national forests through the country.
While it may seem kind of hokey to say 'just talk a walk and calm down,' every study so far has demonstrated reductions in, stress, anger, anxiety, depression and sleeplessness amongst the subjects that have participated.
There are even a ton of videos available to offer forest background noise specifically to help you escape where ever you are and enter your own mental forest. I also found a few examples of people walking you through a forest.
It's practiced all over the world - and here is a great introduction to it!
I love that phrasing - "Forest Bathing." This card alone makes me want to go for a walk outside!
I found the forest sounds video very relaxing but the bird sounds were making my dog hyper!
This card is making me antsy because I know there isn't any green space near my office. I still take walks during lunchtime but I'd love to trade this concrete for some fresh grass.
The things that calm us down are so random, but as someone that hikes a lot I already know this works. its cool theres an entire word/movement dedicated to this kind of relief in Japan....we should start that
I'm playing the forest background music right now and it feels soooo nice :)