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Over. Emphasis on the word over. UK's Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth's Cake Emporium and her team created this stunning masterpiece. Taking over 200 man hours to build, the edible flowers--made of sugar, not nature--number over 10,000.
Hold your breath and DON'T LOOK! That nerve-wracking moment your perfect wedding cake is being delivered and set up. Pray to whom you must, but it's Jesus--the carpenter--keeping the table from buckling--AMEN and AMEN!
I need to show this one to my cousin. She was a baker on Cake Boss and had to make all sorts of crazy cakes. I bet this one would make her head spin!
my head would be spinning at #100 on the flower making assembly line
Between that and the flower wall, it's obvious we've got a Bridezilla in our midst.
hahahhaa Or a growing trend of groomzillas...yikes!
I want to know how much this cost