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If this doesn't convince you to adopt a friend and make their life a little better, I don't think there is anything that will.
These are all images of animals who were adopted, given some cleaning, attention and love, and had their whole lives turned around! You can imagine that if you can see the physical change of the animals that the emotional changes they were able to go through are just as great.
Don't be heartless: adopt a friend that needs your help!!!! Comment if you are the proud friend of a shelter, abandoned or neglected animal :)

Meet Harrison!

Meet Brimley!

Meet Hodor!

Meet Bella!

Meet Phoenix!

Meet Lady!

I found all of these pics through an awesome subreddit called Before and After Adoption. So if you need any more inspiration for adding another member to your family, check it out!
these pictures make me melt, worked at a shelter & found my dog abandoned on the streets. Have had my doggie for 10 years and couldn't love her any more . She's my best friend & sister :D
I got my puppy at a pet store BUT not from the batches they brought in from mills....our local pet store brings dogs from the shelter over every Sunday to help get them adopted! Such a great choice. She's been with us for more than 14 years now and she's so important to me!!!! It's really amazing what add them to your family can do for them an you :)
This makes me so happy! Luckily my puppy was only in the pound a few days before we found him, and he was in great health so the only difference post-shelter is that he is way too fat! But certainly happy :) Thanks for sharing!
I love that these pets are doing so much better with love and care! All pets deserve nothing less! I know I love my shelter pets which my dog and cat are both 14 yrs old and still just like beautiful loving fun sweet little babies!
I love this!